I've loved all animals from a young age but reptiles in particular always fascinated me. In my undergraduate, I saw how valuable and vulnerable these animals were a and decided to pursue a PhD with lizards in response to climate change. 


I am currently fulfilling my dream of teaching at the college-level at Rider University. 


On the side as a way to destress in my PhD I picked up crocheting and now have a small side business crocheting hats for cats (yes you read that right!) You can check out my hand-crafted creations here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PaulinesMenagerie


I was also involved with WiSE at UCSC (Women in Science and Engineering) and was president from 2016-2019. This program has further encouraged my love of teaching and encouraging students to pursue STEM education and careers and I will be starting up a similar program at Rider University in the coming years.

Visit: http://wiseucsc.wixsite.com/wise to learn more!

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California State University, Long Beach

Class of 2013

BS, Biology - Zoology 

University of California, Santa Cruz

Class of 2019

PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Advisor: Dr. Barry Sinervo

Rider University

Biology Lecturer

Dept. of Biology, Behavioral Neuroscience and Health Sciences